Scott Padgett

I am an artist by heart and soul, camera by my side, a sketchbook in hand and a computer nearby. My passions for art & technology have seated me 18+ years with an expertise in User Experience Design and front-end development.

"I love all things design and believe we live in a world of composition,the more we understand how the creative entities work together - the better we can play our part as interactive variables."

Today I work as a User Experience consultant, bouncing between design and development. I surround myself with the brightest people in the industry and thus working a 16hr day is the only way to remain on top.

I live with my my wife Terry in Atlanta, Ga. My passions include drawing, painting, prop making, cooking, gardening and green living.

When Im not designing, you can find me roaming the craft stores or looking for rusted iron work to bring home.