Craig Foster

My name is Craig Foster. I was born in New York(Queens) 9/4/71. Moved to New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Boca Raton, and landed in Marietta GA. 1989. Moved around Atlanta quite a bit, but mostly stayed in Marietta.

I started tattooing in 1995 in Douglasville GA. I started working at Psycho Tattoo in 96, and worked there until 2002. Left Psycho Tattoo,and went to work with Timeless Tattoo in Atlanta. Stayed there almost 3 years and left to do my own thing, Skinwerks Tattoo.

"I enjoy what I do with a passion, and never forget a tattoo or a face." was started by Scott Padgett of Marietta GA. a while back. I was invited to join the website in 2000, and it has been my home since. We eventually want to join forces ,but for now I started up Skinwerks Tattoo in Carrollton GA. September of 2004. I love to work.I am a full time Tattoo artist, a fulltime Husband, and a fulltime Dad. Everything that I need. I enjoy Good Movies (action) , spicy food, video games, fishing, and travel. The only meat that I eat is Fish. There are only a few types of fish that I do not like. Chillean Sea Bass, Perch, and Monk Fish.

On my free time,I like to hang out with my Family. I go out every once and awhile just for special occasions. To finish, I would love to see how many people I can find that I have tattooed over the years. Contact me and show me the work.